Ticketmaster Case Study

“70 FTE’s Delivered Within 48 Hours”


Ticketmaster, the ticket sales and distribution multinational has long established itself as one of the world’s premier companies for delivering access to the best entertainment events via seamless customers journeys. Proving that even the biggest companies are susceptible to data breaches, in 2018, Ticketmaster suffered one of their own and, such is the size of the company, it attracted much negative attention.

Actions & Results

Intelling have developed flexible structures which are integrated into all of our operations, this meant we perfectly placed and well prepared to deal with the situation Ticketmaster had found themselves in.

  • We delivered 70 FTEs in 48 hours across all of our UK sites
  • FTEs delivered 7-day inbound voice and email services to the evolving situation over several weeks

Going Forwards

The expertise our teams possess allowed us to work with Ticketmaster to deliver a response that mitigated the impact on their reputation. The breach compelled Ticketmaster to purchase a new software with which Intelling have a specialist knowledge. This meant our involvement extended to training their workforce in its proper usage. ​

The speed and quality of our collaborative response, the experience we brought and the excellent customer interactions we delivered made us the obvious choice for Ticketmaster. ​


Solutions Used
Inbound Voice
Inbound Email

Original Contract Length
1 Month

Date Partnered
12th September 2018

Current Status

Locations Used

Partner Feedback

This bodes well for any future support that we may need. ‘In addition, everyone at Ticketmaster has been AMAZED at how quickly you guys turned this around when we needed help“. – Ticketmaster Director of Contact Centres