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Email marketing continues to be an invaluable acquisition strategy as long as the fundamental processes and rules are adopted based on its transparency, effectiveness and tracking capabilities

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As an early adopter of email marketing, Intelling has always been at the forefront of this important marketing channel. Always on-hand to guide our customers through processes and legislation, whether a newbie or highly experienced emarketers. We partner with you to ensure your campaigns are well-targeted, relevant and (most-importantly) compliant in the eyes of GDPR & PECR – our aim to deliver a solid return on your marketing investment (ROI).

You can receive the data directly to run your campaigns via your own ESP or Automation systems, however, many clients prefer our fully-managed email services, whereby we take care of the whole process from start to finish via our own email platform, offering smooth campaign delivery, in-depth reporting and pre & post-campaign analysis.

We typically work on a CPM (cost per thousand) model, however, in some cases we may look at CPL or CPA – of which we would be delighted to discuss the options with you, such is the confidence we have in our data and its performance levels.

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