Jason Topping’s Career Story

I think of the Belfast office being just seven people in a room. Now, it is a fully fledged Intelling office with huge amounts of employee growth coming from there. It’s easy to say that I feel supported, motivated and driven to succeed.”

What was your first job role at Intelling?

I originally started as a Sales agent for a campaign called Pinergy, which sold PAYG electricity meters.

This changed within a week or so to the same campaign however in a B2B aspect.

What does your day-to-day role involve now?

My main tasks revolve around assisting our up-and-coming stars begin their development towards leadership roles, which sees me delivering workshops, 1:1 sessions, engaging in observations and communication, and all-round general support.

Outside of this I actively look to support anywhere I can, currently this has me working closely with the QA and Compliance team on some projects, as well as HR and MI/ IT while we are working on introducing some new systems to Intelling.

My day to day is very varied, and while at times can be challenging, I really enjoy it.

How did your expectations of a contact centre differ to your reality when you first joined?

After a period of job-hopping, I landed my first contact centre role (in a different company). I was trying to find a business that would promote me quickly and I had it strongly in mind that it was just a stop gap. However, my manager opened my eyes as to how someone could develop in a Contact Centre.

Once I left that business and joined Intelling, this was proven even further to me personally as I was able to see first-hand that business development wasn’t just about increasing sales volumes. People could work towards different departments and skill sets if they wanted to.

Who has been there to guide you through your career?

At the start of Belfast “growing legs”, I found that I got great development locally, which was an amazing opportunity.

Our old Operations Leader, Danielle Rossall, was good in how she offered me multiple opportunities to step out of my comfort zone, take on new tasks and help me get my name out there. Collin Alexander and Aoife O’Reilly were fantastic, and still are, in their on-going support. Both have their own unique ways of getting the most out of people, while at the same time having a unified goal which I have always found infectious.

As it stands now, I find that Catie O’Mahoney is a fantastic driver for me, offering me loads of advice and guidance, but I also feel that she trusts me which I believe is incredibly important for any hard-working employee.

When I combine these guys with the vision and engagement that Phil Morgan delivers, it is easy to say that I feel supported, motivated, and driven to succeed.

Are there any future roles at Intelling you’re aiming for?

Selfishly, I would love to see People Development grow, especially into some form of Business Development which can look at not only improving our people, but also the tools and methods our people employ.

What are you most proud of achieving since being with Intelling?

It is very hard to pinpoint a single thing, given the huge success that Intelling has seen, and that I have had the privilege of having personally.

While it may be biased, when I think of the Belfast office being just 7 people in a room on manual dial selling electric boxes, progressing past the point where myself and the leadership team worked over weekends to build up associate desks (along with some stories that aren’t fit to be published), to the point now that the site is now a fully fledged office of the Intelling business, with huge amounts of employee growth coming from there.

I would definitely say that seeing the vast changes in that site is among my proudest achievements.

Career Summary

Jason Topping

Start Date
5th May 2015

First Role At Intelling
Sales Associate

Current Role At Intelling
People Development Manager

Career Goal
Head of People/Business Development