Eoin Lavery’s Career Story

“Be loud, be patient, be here. Another piece of advice I would give is to network with other areas of the business – it will open many doors for you to explore! Anyone who wants to develop a career here should start the Intelling University journey and give it their best shot”

What does your day-to-day role involve now?

A typical day involves first completing daily reporting for our O2 campaigns, which covers a range of the campaigns KPI’s. This would be followed up by delivering the latest performance information to Operational teams, to assist them with understanding their performance, and highlight what is going well within the campaign, and where the next focus points are to drive performance growth.

How did your expectations of a contact centre differ to your reality when you first joined?

When I first joined Intelling as a Sales Associate, I was immediately taken in by the culture of the company, and the “Craic” as we would say back home. There was always a fun, and competitive atmosphere that drove everyone to perform at their best. I think there is often a negative portrayal of Contact Centres – but I don’t recognise those portrayals when I look back at my time in Intelling so far.

How did you move up from Sales Associate to Team Leader in 2020?

Initially, I had expressed my interest in moving into a Team Leader position when I had passed my probationary period, and the three key things I would recommend to anyone wishing to develop a career here would be:

  1. “Be Loud” – Express your interests in developing a career, offer to help and provide your thoughts and suggestions to help your colleagues, and showcase your ability.
  2. “Be Patient” – Roles will only become available when there is an open position or growth in a particular area of the business – keep working hard and your time to shine will come!
  3. “Be Here” – Being reliable as an employee is key to developing a career here, you will get all the support you need, so keep coming into work and on time!

I stuck to these 3 principles and when new opportunities came with our Talk Talk campaign at the beginning of the COVID pandemic, I was offered the opportunity to take on a new challenge with a few of my colleagues and friends that worked side by side with me as a Sales Associate.

Following on, how did you then progress from Team Leader to BI Analyst?

Januka, our Head of MI/BI had a conversation with me around some of the campaign reporting we had, and during that I had made him aware of my background in Software Engineering at University. I was given an insight in the type of work that takes place in the MI/BI team – and as it matched my skillset, I decided to look for an opportunity within that team.

Another piece of advice I would give to people based on that experience, is to network with other areas of the business where you can, and get an understanding of how the business functions outside of your area – it will open many doors for you to explore.

What attracted you to these roles?

My background in Software Engineering and having an understanding of the business operations drew me into the world of MI/BI – it’s a great opportunity to use the skillset I have to bring new ideas to the table to help improve the quality of our reporting, and allowed me to bring my Operational experience from my time as Team Leader to help the rest of my team to understand the Operations context much more.

Who has been there to guide you through your career?

I have been surrounded by a great support system at Intelling. As a Sales Associate, I worked under Shauna Boyle and Harry Morrison as my Team Leaders, and Collin Alexander as my Operations Manager – all of which contributed to helping me move into a Team Leader position.

As a TL, I reported directly to Collin again, and during that time him and many of my other TL colleagues, Joseph Dowds, Courtney Lawrence, Brooke Bittles and Louise Lavery operated under a culture of helping each other to be better.

I also worked alongside Aóife O’Reilly and my many many colleagues on O2 which was a great opportunity to further understand other areas of the business. There are many people I have met along the way and I believe each and every one of them has helped carve the career paths we have all shared and been lucky to have.

What are you most proud of achieving since being with Intelling?

Certainly beginning to develop a solid career here and being in a position which has allowed me to share my experience with other colleagues, in the hope that they may also see the opportunities available to them is something I am proud of.

We have a great development opportunity through Intelling University, and Jason Topping and I would advise anyone who wants to develop a career here to start that journey and give it their best shot.

Career Summary

Eoin Lavery

Start Date
13th August 2018

First Role At Intelling
Sales Associate

Current Role At Intelling
BI Analyst

Career Goal
Head of MI/BI