Yopa Estate Agents Case Study

“Acquiring Customers And Delivering Brand Growth”


Yopa are a family-owned, hybrid estate agent developing a brand position to support customers through what is likely to be the most expensive purchase they’ll ever make. ​Their brand goals are to engage with customers at every step of their property purchase journey to provide advice, support and identify sales opportunities matched to customer need along the way.

Actions & Results

Though data is the lifeblood of our business, we pride ourselves on our ability to engage in high-level, customer-centric conversations through which we establish rapport, trust and, ultimately, business opportunity. Through this ability we worked alongside Yopa providing:

  • Credible advice and support
  • Engagement at a granular level delivering conversations to acquire customers and grow the brand for the future
  • Weekly meetings with board members to explore ongoing interactions with customers.

Going Forwards

We have grown the quality of the service with Yopa by embedding ourselves into their operation. Examples of our integration include joining process-mapping away days and Intelling attending viewings and valuations. Such is Yopa’s confidence in the Intelling service, we now solely manage their entire outbound customer lifecycle management programme. ​


Solutions Used
Outbound Sales
Inbound Sales
Customer Service

Original Contract Length
1 Year(s)

Date Partnered
12th September 2018

Current Status

Years With Intelling
2 Years

Locations Used

Partner Feedback

“Can I just say how mega impressed me and our agents have been. Not just the shape you have the team in, but how the senior management team are as well. The intro to the building and facilities was so professional and handled with class … great agenda setting and a great way of learning!

The set up was handled well and so was the debrief! You are doing an amazing job and proud to be working alongside you. We look forward to seeing you all in the future! Let’s keep building, growing and absolutely killing it together. Thank you and well done”. – Yopa Regional Director