Missguided Case Study

“Becoming A First Choice Sales Solution”


Missguided is a UK-based, multi-channel fashion retailer which seeks to differentiate itself from competitors through exceptional levels of 24/7 customer service. In order to ensure that customer satisfaction was remaining at their stringently high levels, they needed to engage in a comprehensive bench-marking exercise.

Actions & Results

At Intelling, we have developed a particular expertise in designing matrixes with which we can accurately process and analyse data to create clear representations. For Missguided, we developed bespoke, performance framework measuring metrics such as:

  • Number of e-mails processed per hour
  • Proportion of issues resolved by the first company contact
  • Cost to the company per hundred enquiries

Going Forwards

The results of the exercise demonstrated that Intelling’s Contact Centre BPO staff were able to outperform both Missguided’s in-house teams and an auxiliary offshore provider, both in terms of performance and cost.

As a consequence, we entered into a contract with Missguided whereby all customer service activity was outsourced to Intelling.


Solutions Used
Inbound Live Chat
Inbound UK Emails
Multi-Lingual Emails
Back Office Support

Original Contract Length
1 Year (s)

Date Partnered
12th September 2016

Current Status

Years With Intelling
5 Years

Locations Used

Partner Feedback

I’ve been working with Intelling for four years now, their flexibility to support our business particularly in response to unpredicted demand is a big call out. They have also been supportive when the need arises to downsize, we never feel like we are going to have a difficult conversation. It really feels a true strategic partnership with performance and quality a given” – Missguided Operations Director