Aaron Hannon’s Career Story

I’m most proud of becoming a Team Leader in just one month. The environment here is close-knit and at the minute, I’m happy with my role and focusing on getting out of my secondment period.”

What does your day-to-day role involve now?

I am currently a Team Leader.

It’s my duty to lead the team and ensure they fully understand their main driver to achieve target and hit KPIs.

I also ensure we communicate effectively and document performance stats, as well as overseeing and encouraging the training and coaching of my team.

How did your expectations of a contact centre differ to your reality when you first joined?

I have previously worked in a call centre but the environment here at Intelling is a lot more close-knit.

How did you move up from Sales Advisor to Team Leader?

I know the O2 Campaign well inside and out.

Within just my first month, I drastically changed my work ethic and put my mind to achieving more. This has had a huge impact on my career and is also what I’m most proudest of.

Who has been there to guide you through your career?

Joe Dowds has been there to support and guide me throughout the whole of my Intelling journey so far.

Are there any roles at Intelling you’re aiming for in the future?

At the minute, I am happy with my role and am focusing on getting out of my secondment period.

I’m satisfied with my workplace and see plenty of progression opportunities at Intelling.

What are you most proud of achieving since being with Intelling?

I’m most proud of becoming a Team Leader, especially after going from nearly losing my employment during my first month.

This just shows how Intelling helps people realise their capabilities and skills.

Career Summary

Aaron Hannon

Start Date
13th January 2020

First Role At Intelling
Sales Advisor

Current Role At Intelling
Team Leader

Career Goal
To Complete Secondment