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When Deciding What To Share

DO consider what your colleagues would be interested in

DO think about who deserves to be recognised

DO share exciting developments

DO celebrate successes

DO think about what would inspire and motivate your colleagues

DO feel free to submit multiple pieces of content

DON'T submit content "just for the sake of it"

DON'T be shy, if you think it's worth sharing, please share it

DON'T be offended if we don't us all content

  • Include as much information as possible, we can always shorten if necessary. If easier bullet points are fine, as long as you include all of the information we can work this.
  • If your submission references a team member or colleague, please include their full name and job title.
  • Ensure images are original where possible and that they are clear, this is particularly important for the print version of the newsletter
  • If submitting video content, please project this in MOV , MP4 or HEIC file format
  • If recording your own video content, please record in LANDSCAPE

DO include pictures where possible that bring the submission to life!

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