The skills you’re going to learn will support you throughout your entire professional life, not just at Intelling. Upon completion of your course, you will have newfound confidence, knowledge and certifications that can never be taken away from you.

Progress your skills & your career

Intelling University is a set of modules delivered by our People Development team which will enable you to begin your progression within Intelling. The team will focus on a number of areas within these modules, along with providing a platform to share best practice around many of the key areas that you will utilise throughout your career in Intelling.

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What is Intelling University?

Intelling University is a set of different modules delivered by our People Development team. If you’re looking to progress within your industry, this is the perfect way for you to take control of your career – and learn invaluable skills for life!Maybe you want to work towards a Leadership role, or perhaps you just finally want to become adept at using Excel. Whatever your personal, and professional, goals are, we’ve designed a course for you. The team will focus on several areas within these modules, along with providing a platform for you to share best practices with others. Once you’ve got these skills under your belt, you’ll apply them every day throughout your career.





We really notice the development of everyone who takes part in the Intelling University program, but more importantly they notice the changes themselves and continue to grow

Intelling Uni Alumni Testimonials

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I always knew I wanted to step into management, even when I was previously at Intelling I wanted to progress, but this never happened. When I was told about Intelling University, and that it would help me take that next step, I thought it was a really good idea.

I would 100% recommend the University, as it’s helped me prepare to become a TL. I learnt a lot from the course leader as he explained how to do it and the purpose of why we do this.

Team Leader

Jack Williams

Personally, I felt that I had reached a level of success within two TalkTalk campaigns and there was no further development I could achieve. When offered the chance to do something new that will benefit my Intelling career, I jumped at the opportunity.

I think for anyone looking to develop or even increase their knowledge of business, or understanding people more, it’s a great opportunity.

Team Leader

Stephen Mcgrath

I took part in the course to help me enhance my knowledge of systems and admin work behind the scenes and what it really means to be a leader, as I was already supporting the floor. My course really gave me an insight of daily tasks and how to efficiently plan my day/week.

I would highly recommend the course as it teaches you skills you can use not only in the current job you are in it also helps you learn skills you can apply in everyday life.

Team Leader

Ali Sheikh

Modules & Course Breakdown

A short session to cover the basics of Connex in lines with general Team Leader checks and roles.

Dialler basics
Excel Basics

Looking at the generic tools and options within Excel, moving on to begin looking at the most commonly used formulae.

Session Updates & COP

Understand why session updates and COP’s are important within a business, along with some tips on how to write them effectively

Being a Great Leader

What makes a great coaching session, including identifying different methods to secure attention and buy in during coaching.

Effective Coaching

Understanding how to identify key areas to focus our time, and how to utilise our energy efficiently while doing so.

Organisation, Time, Planning
Mindset, Attitude and Behaviour

Remaining positive is key, especially given how our performance can be directed by our mindset.

An opportunity to discuss how we impact each other and how that influences behaviour and actions.

Impact and Influence
Roles, Motivation, Change

All teams are made up of different people and personalities. Identifying and impacting them positively will help run a smooth team.

Performance Management
Better Communication

What is Performance Management, and why do we do it? During this module we will discuss this, along with how to Performance Manage in Intelling.

Communicating effectively can be a challenge, especially when faced with a difficult situation. In “Better Communication” we will cover aspects of communication such as passive vs active listening, planning, and having difficult conversations.

This will be an opportunity for us to discuss what makes a strong leader and what leadership styles are the best to utilise.

B2B Introduction

Understanding the core mechanics of the B2B world is a huge benefit to anyone approaching the field. Gain an understanding of areas such as the core principles, communication styles and dealing with gatekeepers.

Client Services Overview

Want to know a little more about what the world of Client Services involves? Get a brief introduction with this module.


Information is power, and with great power, comes great responsibility. Learn how the Compliance department maintains the responsibility within Intelling.

With customers being the core of our business, and the result of our success, it is key to know the best way to deal with our customers. This module will give you loads of great tools to assist with giving our customers the best experience we can offer.

Customer Services

Delivering Presentations

Never sure what to put on a Powerpoint? Worried your audience won't like what they see or hear? Nervous when speaking to others? Let's give you some guidance on how to begin your path to owning presentations.

HR Overview

At the heart of every business is HR, which protects the interests of both it's employees and the business. Learn more about HR and it's processes with this module.


Intelling takes pride in the work and deliveries it produces, and that wouldn't be possible through the hard work from our people to achieve the numbers and quality they do. See here how the QA department help Intelling achieve this.

In 2006, the FSA introduced a new measure called TCF, aimed towards ensuring customers were treated fairly when making business transactions. This short TCF module will give you the important information you need to make sure this is complied with.

Trainer Overview

Interesting in being the first representation of Intelling to a new employee? Get a brief introduction with this module.

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How to apply?

Has one or more of our modules caught your eye? Good choice! Join our fantastic team and become an Intelling University student today. Exceed your own goals and see the sky become the limit. Our courses are for employees who wish to progress further within Intelling. Together, you can work out the next best steps for you to take in your career plan.If you are currently achieving your campaign targets, have an acceptable record of attendance, and wish to progress further within Intelling, speak to your TL about your career plan to find your next steps...